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Worship & Music Conference Recordings Package


Worship & Music "To Go!"

Whether you missed the conference this year or if you did attend but want to share the experience with your congregation, our Recordings Package is what you need!

All subscription options include access to a total of 56 videos, including all worship services, evening events, and livestreamed classes from our 2021 Conference.

PAM's intergenerational conference is for children, youth, adults, pastors, directors, organists, pianists, guitarists, percussionists, ringers, worship leaders, choir members, and anyone who loves and takes part in the worship and music of the church.


Learn more about our recorded sessions here!

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Subscription Highlights

  • SIX dynamic daily worship services, plus five Worship Reflection panel discussions about each service

  • Outstanding evening events: Organ recital, Liturgical Art Conversation, Hymn Festival, Chamber Choir Concert, and Closing Concert with all musical ensembles.

  • Routley Lectures with Tom Trenney: "And May God Give Us Faith to Sing Always"

  • Five Copyright Seminars for Churches - helpful tips for in-person AND online worship services

  • Study the Bible and learn "How to Do Church" with Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

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Because churches and church budgets come in all shapes and sizes, our subscription rates reflect that same reality. Packages are scaled to reflect the size of your church or organization, not based on the number of actual viewers. Please choose the rate that best represents your church membership or individual needs.

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Pricing Information

Subscription Type



Congregation fewer than 50 members

Congregation 50-100 members

Congregation 101-300 members

Congregation 301-600 members

Congregation greater than 600 members








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