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This year, the public worship services of our conference are available to view over livestream.  Click the button above to be directed to the livestream.

There are several options for Evening Prayer this year:
  • An in-person service will take place at the Moore Center fifteen minutes after the close of each evening’s event, Monday through Thursday. 
  • You may participate in Evening Prayer in your own house or room and on your own schedule, using the PDF and audio files (each approximately 14 minutes) provided here.
  • You may lead the services yourself from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, or you may listen and pray along with the podcast version of the service.
  • You may wish to have one or more candles to light at the Thanksgiving for Light.
  • If you are worshiping with a group, you may wish to pause the recording during the prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession to allow more time for individual prayers.
  • Friday's prayer is designed to be self-led using the provided materials on this page.
Click below for the PDF and audio files.


All evening prayer documents Combined: 

01 Evening Prayer Monday
02 Evening Prayer Tuesday
03 Evening Prayer Wednesday
04 Evening Prayer Thursday
05 Evening Prayer Friday

Credits for Audio Recordings

Liturgists: Marissa Galván-Valle (Lord’s Prayer in Spanish), David Gambrell (presider), So Jung Kim (Lord’s Prayer in Korean), Sally Ann McKinsey (rubrics and responses), Martha Moore-Keish (reading), Carol Pye (psalm prayer), Sheldon Steen (Thanksgiving for Light), and Chi Yi Chen Wolbrink (Lord’s Prayer in Taiwanese)

Musicians: Chancel Choir, Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky; David Gambrell (dulcimer and voice); Max Gambrell (flute); and Phillip Morgan (piano and voice)

Monday Psalm: Sanctuary Choir, Bayside Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, with soloists Peggy Hayes, Brenna Miller, and Jay Muscatello
Tuesday Psalm: Galen Dean Peiskee (piano), David Gambrell (voice)
Wednesday Psalm: David Gambrell (voice)
Thursday Psalm: Brad Collier (organ), Karrie Rushing (voice) 
Friday Psalm: Galen Dean Peiskee (piano), David Gambrell (voice)

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