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Revision No. 6: March 4, 2016

The Presbyterian AssociatIon of Musicians (PAM) educates, enriches, and engages its membership in humanity’s chief end: to glorify and enjoy God forever.
(adopted July 2014)


Local PAM Chapters will enable PAM members to gather one or more times per year and to strengthen ties with others interested in sharing ideas about worship. In many instances, attending a local gathering is more practical than traveling to a week-long conference, and may also supplement and sustain ideas garnered from summer conferences.

Steps for Starting a Chapter:

  • Notify the PAM National Office of your intent to form a chapter:
         Kelly Abraham, Executive Director:
         Phone: 502-569-5759

  • Call a meeting of interested participants. Your Presbytery Office or website will have a listing of Presbyterian churches in your area. You may wish to notify each church in your area of the time and location of your organizational meeting. If requested, the PAM National Office will also send emails to current PAM members residing in your area.

  • Obtain the By-Laws for PAM Chapters

  • At the organizational meeting:

    • Share the PAM Constitution and the By-Laws for PAM Chapters

    • Seek a motion and vote to organize and accept the Constitution and By-Laws.

    • Elect Officers:  President, Treasurer, Secretary

    • Each person wishing to join the local chapter must also be a PAM member at the national level.  They may join online at

    • Select a name for your local chapter.

  • After the organizational meeting:

    • Send a copy of the minutes of the organizational meeting and the names and addresses of those who attended to the PAM National Office: 

      • email:

      • or post: PAM National Office
             100 Witherspoon Street
             Louisville KY 40202-1396

  • Begin planning your first event!

Helpful Tips: One of the first steps to take is to create a mailing/email list that includes the pastor and musicians of churches in your Presbytery. You can also create a Facebook page to develop an online presence and to spread the word about chapter events. In your chapter meetings, mailings, functions, in all that you do, become recognized and distinguish yourself as a caring community. PAM is an organization with many educational resources, resource personnel, referral services, certification programs, seed money grants, membership advantages and a tremendous pipeline of information to share. Explore those resources for use by your chapter:

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