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Current Members of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians may apply for a Seed Money Grant to help sponsor a worship or church music program, workshop, or event by completing the form below.

PAM will provide assistance according to the availability of funds. Currently grants are being awarded up to $500, and are considered in the order they are received. The grant may not comprise more than 20% of the program budget.

All brochures and advertising must contain the following text:  “This program is supported in part by a grant from the Presbyterian Association of Musicians.”  

It is required that an evaluation and financial statement of each program, workshop, or event receiving PAM assistance be sent to the PAM Seed Money Grant Coordinator within a month after completion of the project.

To apply for a PAM Seed Money Grant, please complete and submit the application form below. Contact the PAM National Office at or 502-569-5288 with any questions.

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