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Tuesday Notes - 2024 W&M Week 2

Morning and Evening Prayer.

Morning Prayer 7:30 AM Assembly Inn Balcony.

In the event of rain, check the Daily Notes and plan to meet in the Assembly Inn Lobby.

Evening Prayer will be offered in the Moore Center and will begin 15 minutes after the Talent Show concludes. This link may be used to access the materials for Evening Prayer online.


Communion. Today we celebrate the Eucharist by intinction. All bread will be free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and tree nuts, and the cup will contain grape juice. Allergen-free wafers will be available at a single station at the front of the auditorium. Communion servers will use hand sanitizer prior to serving, and conferees and faculty are encouraged to do the same. The communion servers will hand the piece of bread to the recipient, who will dip their piece of bread into the cup. Exit your pew to the left; return to the right.

Communion Servers. Please remember to check in with Elizabeth Myers at 10:50 AM.

PAM Certification. If you are interested in pursuing PAM Certification and would like to meet with a Certification Committee member this week, please contact David Brinson at

Exhibit Hall. Please visit the conference sponsors in the lobby of Anderson Auditorium. They are here to support you and the important ministry you do in your churches. Exhibitors are excited to connect with you at their booths today, 9:30 – 11:00 AM & 6:30 – 8:30 PM.


Reading Session: Senior High Choir. 3:30 PM today in Convocation Hall. Those who did not register for this session may purchase music from the Beethoven & Company store.

Communion Server Training.  If you have signed up to be a communion server during FRIDAY worship, the training session is TODAY at 5:30 PM in Anderson Auditorium. 

Reading Session: Handbells. 6:30 PM today in Upper Anderson. Those who did not register for this session may purchase music from the Jeffers store.

Talent Show. All are invited to attend the Talent Show tonight at 7:30 PM in Anderson Auditorium.  Participants must arrive by 7:15 PM.  After the show, PCUSA Special Offerings will welcome all to attend an ice cream reception in Anderson Auditorium Lobby.

PAM Member and Donor Reception. The annual Beer and Hymns Member and Donor Reception will be held tonight after the Talent Show at the White Horse Black Mountain Music Hall (105 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711). We will be joined by the wider Black Mountain community, so please wear your name tag as that will be how we'll be identified by White Horse Black Mountain Music Hall staff.

There are plenty of free parking options within easy walking distance of the venue. There are parking spaces adjacent to the building, free parking lots, and on-street parking all over town. The Presbyterian Church adjacent to the venue also allows use of their parking.

Children’s and Middler Drama Rehearsal.  Children and Middlers in drama must attend rehearsal on Wednesday in the Anderson Auditorium. Children will begin rehearsal at 5:20 PM. Middlers will begin rehearsal at 5:45 PM.

Region Gatherings. Regions are a great way to connect with PAM members throughout the year. Learn more about PAM's Regions here. The following Regions are hosting gatherings Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM:

Great Lakes (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Cincinnati Presbytery): Belk Center Lower Porch

Mid-Atlantic (North Carolina, Virginia [except National Capital Presbytery], Shenandoah Presbytery): Walkup

Mid-South (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee): Belk Center Upper Porch

North Central (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin): Convocation Hall 1

South Atlantic & Puerto Rico (South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico): Assembly Inn Porch

South Central (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas): Assembly Inn 1

Rocky Mountain (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) & Southern Pacific (California, Nevada): Way Out Porch

Chaperones. If you are registered as a chaperone, you are required to attend the classes listed on your daily schedule to actively assist with supervision of children and youth. Thank you for helping to keep our young ones safe!


Friends of Bill W. Today at 6:30 PM in Anderson Auditorium 4. This room can be accessed via the exterior stairs at the rear of Anderson Auditorium.

PAM Gear. You may notice PAM'bassadors rocking their PAM gear this week. We are excited to introduce the new site where you can order your very own PAM apparel, hats, and bags. Check out our online store here:

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