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Online Conference Class Descriptions

Learn more about the online classes being offered during the conference.

"CEU" indicates that a course or session can be counted for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

"PAM Cert" indicates that a course or session counts toward specific requirements of PAM Certification.

All times are Eastern Time.

9:00 AM

Adult Choir

10:00 AM

Youth Choir Seminar

"It’s All in a Year’s Work: Practical and Purposeful Strategies for Working with Young Singers"

11:00 AM


1:30 PM

Worship Reflections

2:30 PM

Adult Bible Study

3:30 PM

Routley Lecture

"The Theological Implications of Form and Context in Congregational Song"

4:30 PM

Preaching Seminar

7:30 PM

Evening Program

Led by Jason Max Ferdinand

Join us as we sing together, working through vocal warm-up exercises and selected choral repertoire. Cert IV.1

Led by Victor Johnson

Effective teaching and ministry occurs when you have done extensive, yet practical planning and purposeful preparation. In these sessions, we will discuss methods that will help keep you and your middle school singers motivated and engaged throughout the church year. Topics discussed will include strategies for building community within your choir, creative methods for building spirituality, score preparation, practical rehearsal techniques, and innovative and fun “quick fixes” for building  tone and musicality. PAM Cert IV.1

Daily worship of the people of God.

Led by the worship planning team

Worship Reflections gives conferees a behind-the-scenes look at how our worship services are planned and implemented so that conferees can take ideas, approaches, and understanding “back home.” The moderator leads discussion and fields questions for our preacher, liturgist, visual artist, and service musicians. CEU PAM Cert I.1

Led by William P. Brown

Like an ancient meandering river, God’s living waters flow throughout the biblical landscape of story and song. From gently flowing streams to thunderous cascades and inundations, water in Scripture has a voice that speaks in a multitude of ways, particularly now in a time of water scarcity, commodification, and pollution. We will explore the various ways water is “channeled” in Scripture for the flourishing of life. CEU PAM Cert I.3

Led by David Bjorlin

In many of our current debates over the theologies of congregational songs, much of our energy is spent examining the text itself. While this is one essential component, this year’s Routley Lectures will focus on the way both form―rhyme, meter, line length―and context―where, when, and how the hymn is sung―are just as important when considering the sung theology of congregational song. CEU PAM Cert I.1

Led by Larissa Kwong Abazia

Sermons are filled with theological reflection and practical application. Sermon illustrations bring to life the truth of God's word in tangible and tactile ways. It is important to remember how to pay attention with all of our senses as we discover God's message in real time and in unlikely places. During our time together, we will explore the art of finding surprising sermon illustrations in a diverse and digital age. Remember, your next sermon illustration is either a click, a blink, or a breath away!

Monday: Organ Recital featuring Nathaniel Gumbs

to be streamed from First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC

Wednesday: Hymn Festival led by David Bjorlin

Thursday: Chamber Choir Concert

Friday: Closing Concert

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