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All of these course sessions will be recorded and available in the Conference Video and Document Library after the conference.

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CEU  Indicates that a course or session can be counted for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

PAM Cert Indicates that a course or session counts toward specific requirements of PAM Certification


Adult Bible Study: How to Do Church: Lessons from Matthew 18 (Margaret Aymer) 

Using a method of study that engages body, mind, and spirit, participants will explore five themes from Matthew 18 that strengthen life together as a gathered community: welcome, self-examination, responsibility, mutual accountability, and forgiveness. CEU PAM Cert I.3


Adult Choir (Phillip Shoultz)

This choir is open to all registered Adult and Young Adult conferees. Two rehearsals each day prepare the choir to sing for worship and the Friday concert. The music packet is not part of registration cost please visit the JW Pepper Store at this link to purchase the adult choir music. PAM Cert IV.1&2


Churches Don't Get Sued for Copyright Infringement, Do They? (Kirsten Foyles and Terri Sinclair)

Yes, they do! Like it or not, copyright law affects us all. It’s a topic we would like to avoid, but we can’t. Join us for a no-judgment, what's said in this room stays in this room environment where we discuss the ever-evolving laws that we probably think we know but really don't. Questions related to fair use of hard copy and digital musical mediums in a rehearsal or worship service will be the main focus of conversation. CEU PAM Cert II.1


Evening Prayer (Meg Flannagan)

Make Sabbath time in your daily conference experience. Join us for scripture, silence, prayer, and song each evening.

Morning Prayer (Margaret Aymer)

Morning Prayer invites conferees of all ages to come together to pray at the beginning of the day. A quieter setting than Midday worship, morning prayer invites to us to start our days remembering that God is with us.

Preaching, Teaching... Same thing, right? (Cecelia Armstrong)

Whether it was because of Jesus’ preaching or teaching, people gathered when Jesus spoke. While Jesus spoke, hearts and minds changed, and lessons were learned. Dr. Walter Brueggemann said, “Telling parables was one of Jesus’ revolutionary activities, for parables are subversive re-imagining of reality.  These stories haunt us and push us in directions we never thought we would go.” Although parables are bearers of a religious vision, their content is not necessarily drawn from the religious life, but from the everyday world. Parables generate new meaning in new situations and this course will allow us to unpack parables for today.


Routley Lectures: "And May God Give Us Faith to Sing Always" (Tom Trenney)

The 2021 Routley lectures explore our vocation as conductors, teachers, performers, composers, poets, and pastoral musicians who gather communities to faithfully offer our prayer, praise, poetry, psalm, silence, and song. We will reflect upon the way music reveals the meaning of sacred texts as we discover how purposeful singing unites our hearts and souls in beloved community.  We will reaffirm the purpose of our music ministry: to inspire our congregation's singing as an expression of faith; and to nurture our congregation's faith that we may sing always. CEU PAM Cert I.1


Taking it to the Church: Adapting Big Conference Ideas to Local Congregations (Meg Flannagan)

Ever wonder how these BIG Montreat ideas would work in your congregation? This class is for you! We will explore ways to implement daily worship components into small and medium-sized congregations. Through discussion, movement, and song, we will deconstruct the conference into simple, portable, and practical options. Pastors, musicians, and all pew-sitters are welcome! CEU PAM Cert I.1


Worship Reflections (Worship Team)

Worship Reflections gives conferees a behind-the-scenes understanding of how our worship services are planned and implemented with the intent of helping conferees take ideas, approaches, and understanding home to assist in enhancing worship in congregations "back home." The moderator leads discussion and fields questions for our panel comprising the preacher, the liturgist, the visual artist, and the organist. CEU PAM Cert I.1&2