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Mid Atlantic Region

North Carolina, Virginia (except National Capital Presbytery), and Shenandoah Presbytery.

Region Leadership

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Harry Jansen


Rebecka Rose


Terri Nicotera

Treasurer & Secretary

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Carol Henderson

Connecting Committee


From the Leadership Team

Our Journey Has Been Long…
March 2020: We hung up our harps and were in exile. First thing you know, we were faced with video and technology we had never known: people watching worship in their slippers and drinking coffee. The music, song, the arts— and worship of the people was taken away to a virtual realm.


October 2022: Perhaps your despairs and struggles have been replaced by new discoveries. What changes created new understandings for you? What has surprised you? What inspires you? What has happened in your community? What resources do you wish for now? We want to hear the story of your journey.


Perhaps you are finding new ways to sing with a few less adult singers—or you are surprised by more children singing in your choirs. Perhaps you are looking for instrumental resources for that saxophonist who found his long-lost instrument in a closet during the pandemic—or there is a new interest in handbells. Perhaps you unearthed old treasures in that dusty Advent book on your shelf—or you reached out to YouTube and Facebook. Perhaps your virtual world opened up new online vistas—your choir seeks live encouragement or a larger opportunity to sing together.

The Mid-Atlantic Region hopes to be a resource for rejuvenating your spirit and your ministry.  Our journey is being made together, and we are traveling a new path toward renewing the song of the church. We have our harps re-strung and tuned! We are ready to rejuvenate the “song” of the people!

Stay tuned for more information about our first event!

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