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The Davis Flohr Middler Choir Director Memorial Fund

By Will Young, First Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, North Carolina


Sunday, April 28, 2019 was a special day in the life of First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte; it was Youth Sunday, the one Sunday set aside each year where the morning worship service is planned and led by the youth of the church – the preaching, the music, the liturgy, everything. It’s a highly anticipated and widely enjoyed service by the congregation each year, and this particular service lived up to its reputation in spades.


We heard heartfelt sermons from various seniors who bravely and eloquently told their stories. A lovely and fitting “children’s sermon.” And last, but not least, great music by the talented youth singers and instrumentalists in our congregation. Part of the rich history of music in our church includes a graded handbell program for children and youth. Both our youth handbell choirs rang that morning, of course. Among the many talented ringers was a bright, vibrant, witty and spectacularly kind seventh grader, Davis Flohr.

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You hear many descriptions of people, particularly young people, like “this kid was special” and “there was nobody like him” and “he was a shining star.” Those descriptions barely scratched the surface for Davis. He had an inner light and infectious energy that made him stand out. He was as comfortable in conversation with an elderly adult as he was with one of his peers. He welcomed in the less popular kid. He brightened a room as soon as he entered it.


Davis had a host of reasons to be just the opposite. He experienced many health challenges beginning at an early age (including multiple heart surgeries), but they never once kept him from living life in a way that taught us all how we ought to be living. He was adventurous and brave, never balking at trying new things. Davis was the perfect example of the “total package.”


On this Youth Sunday morning, Davis rang with his friends and fellow musicians in the Knox Handbell Choir, proudly and joyfully. It was a great Sunday morning. And a few hours later, Davis died suddenly from a cardiac arrythmia due to congenital heart disease. All of a sudden, life had changed forever for us, leaving a huge void in our church and local community that continues to be felt to this day.


We know as people of faith that in life and death, we belong to God. We’ve relied on the comfort and knowledge that Davis has been made perfect and is in the presence of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That has sustained us. His life and our friendship with him left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we will always miss our dear friend.


Among the many things Davis loved in this world, Montreat ranked high on the list, particularly the Worship and Music Conference. He looked forward to coming with his friends in our youth ministry each year. For this reason, First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte has contributed funds to PAM to establish the Davis Flohr Middler Choir Director Memorial Fund. Our goal is that this fund will grow and continue to underwrite this position each year while serving as a lasting legacy to our dear friend who loved the Montreat Worship and Music Conference so much.


Contributions to the Davis Flohr Middler Choir Director Memorial Fund may be made here.

You may also Text to Give by texting a donation amount and the fund (for example: $25 Davis) to 833.567.4296 and following the prompts.

Thank you.

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