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COVID-19 Protocols

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Health & Safety

Updated August 29, 2022

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PAM is committed to hosting a safe conference in-person. Health and safety are our top priorities as we look forward to gathering together this summer. Information changes rapidly and the protocols will be re-evaluated and updated on this page regularly.

We will be implementing the following safety measures during the conference:

  • While masks are optional in Montreat and in Buncombe County, PAM will provide all in-person conferees with a KN95 mask. In the event  of a Covid outbreak during the conference, conference leadership reserves the right to require masks. 

  • Seats may be reserved for groups in Anderson Auditorium. 

  • All conferees are encouraged to sit in the same area for classes/rehearsals, worship, and evening events throughout the week.

  • Back rows of choirs may be reserved for those who choose to mask. 

  • There will be a masked section in Anderson Auditorium for those who wish to remain masked and near ventilated areas.

  • If you test positive for Covid while attending the conference, notify the PAM Office via text at 828-275-7362. Participant who test positive for Covid while attending the in-person conference are required to recuse themselves from participating in the remainder of the conference. 

  • In the event that a W&M participant tests positive for Covid, an announcement will be made via the YAPP app. Participants can then reference the Possible Covid Exposure page under the Health and Covid Info tab in the YAPP app to view a list of classes that were exposed to the positive case. 

Personal responsibilities we ask of you:

  • Symptom Checker and/or Testing

    • Please use the Montreat Conference Center symptom checker with you and your group BEFORE traveling to Montreat: Click to Download

  • Optional at home testing of group before coming

  • Optional Masking (if not already mandated)

  • Personal Hygiene:

    • Handwashing

    • Coughing etiquette

    • Avoid touching face

  • Notify the PAM Office via text at 828-275-7362 if you or a child or youth in your group tests positive for Covid while at the conference. Persons who test positive are required to recuse themselves from participating in the remainder of the conference. 

A note about mitigation strategies: While the above elements focus on prevention, we also strongly encourage you to think about your response should someone in your group become ill. Some questions to consider:

  • If someone in your group shows symptoms, where will they seek testing?

  • How will the tested individual(s) be isolated given your housing layout?

  • As we are hosting minors, what happens if your adult chaperones/leaders become sick and have to isolate?

  • What will you do if you have multiple cases within a group - how do you keep the well and sick apart and get them through the week/back home safely?

We will have a reference sheet on hand for local urgent care centers as well as suggested outdoor and spaced activities for groups needing to quarantine, but we advise you to create plans for your specific group size and context.

The Montreat Conference Center Guidelines

What We’re Doing

  • Enhancing cleaning procedures, in accordance with CDC guidelines, with increased frequency

  • Providing hand sanitizer for guest and employee use

  • Encouraging social distancing in all public areas. Masking is optional, but encouraged.

  • Adapting guest areas, as needed

How You Can Help

  • Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and hand washing

  • Stay home if you are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19

  • Allow ample space for social distancing in public spaces

What does this mean for my stay?

When you make a reservation at Montreat, here’s what you’re pledging to do once you arrive:

  • Wait your turn by maintaining six feet of physical distance from others

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer

  • Do not come to Montreat if you have been recently exposed to, or have symptoms of, COVID-19

  • Be patient and kind to staff and other guests

More information from Montreat Conference Center:

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