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2022 Worship & Music Conference

June 19 - 24
June 26 - July 1

In-Person & Online

Montreat Conference Center
Montreat, NC


See you soon!

Registration is open Sunday, June 19 and Sunday, June 26 from 2:00 - 5:30pm and after opening worship. Head to Upper Anderson, 303 Lookout Road (located upstairs from Anderson Auditorium) to get checked in!

Opening worship will kick off the conference Sunday, June 19 and Sunday, June 26 at 7:30pm in Anderson Auditorium.

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What's New for 2022

Organ Improvisation Workshop

Practical Liturgical Art Class:

"...How Do We Do That in Our Church?" 

Intergenerational Social Justice Seminars

Global Percussion and Drumming

Liturgical Dance and Movement in Worship

Youth Songwriting Seminar

The Worship and Music Conference is an intergenerational conference for children, youth, adults, pastors, directors, organists, pianists, instrumentalists, dancers, ringers, worship leaders, choir members, and anyone who loves and takes part in the worship and music of the church.

The Worship and Music Conference theme 

In the Stranger's guise

comes from the Celtic Rune of Hospitality: 

I saw a stranger today.
I put food for him
in the eating-place
And drink
in the drinking-place
And music
in the listening-place.

In the Holy name
of the Trinity
He blessed myself
and my family.

And the lark said in her warble
Often, often, often
Goes Christ
in the stranger’s guise.

O, oft and oft and oft,
Goes Christ
in the stranger’s guise.

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