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CeCe Armstrong.jpg

Cecelia Armstrong


Tom Trenney.jpg

Tom Trenney

Routley Lecturer

Beth Wilson.jpg

Elizabeth L. Wilson

Davis Flohr Memorial Youth Choir Director

Nathan Crabtree.jpg

Nathan Crabtree

Children's Music,
Children's Choir Director

Anna George Traynham.jpg

Anna George Traynham


Lauren Wright-Pittman

Conference Artist

Michael Joy.jpg

Michael Joy

Handbell Clinician

Margaret Aymer-Oget.jpg

Margaret Aymer

Adult Bible Study

Morning Prayer

Patrick Scott.jpg

Patrick Scott

Service Organist & Recitalist

Phillip Shoultz.jpg

G. Phillip Shoultz, III

Adult Choir Director

Mark Britt.jpg

Mark Britt

Instrumental Ensembles Director

Ruth Sall.jpg

Ruth Sall

Living SCRIPTure Youth Drama Class

Kirsten Foyles.jpg

Kirsten Foyles

Adult Seminar Co-Leader:

Church Copyright Law Issues &

Kodály Pedagogy for Children's Choir

Terri Sinclair.jpg

Terri Sinclair

Adult Seminar Co-Leader:

Church Copyright Law Issues &

Kodály Pedagogy for Children's Choir

Meg Flannagan.jpg

Meg Flannagan

Adult Seminar Leader:
Taking it to the Church: Adapting Big Conference Ideas to Local Congregations,

Evening Prayer

Chad Wright Pittman.jpg

Chad Wright-Pittman

Adult Seminar Leader:

Prophecy, Poetry, and the Work of the People,

Youth Guitar Class

Grier Richards-High Resolution 2.jpg

Grier Booker Richards

Small Groups Facilitator,
Youth Seminar Leader

Jeff Jones.jpg

Jeff Jones

Organ Masterclass,

Youth Choir Accompanist