What's it like to have an online conference?

What can I expect?

  • You can expect a vibrant, meaningful online environment, where you'll be able to worship, learn, interact, and fully participate from wherever you are! Your guide for the week will be our brand new in-house show, NEWSROOM, hosted by Kaitlyn Davros and Will Breytspraak, that will take you behind the scenes at the conference and connect you with the people and things you want to know about! Check out the preview below!

  • Online conferees will use a dedicated email address, constantly monitored by conference staff, to ask questions, engage in classes, and provide feedback throughout the conference.

  • A daily schedule of programs helps to meet the needs of all our conferees. Can't make it for a live session? We'll have all of the recordings available in a Video and Document Library after the conference, and for the remainder of the calendar year.

  • Evening events provide opportunities to hear musical performances, connect with conference faculty, and close the day with evening prayer.

  • Online Cohort Groups that will meet each evening via Zoom - meet new people and make connections with folks that have similar interests!

  • All worship services, evening events, and online classes will be recorded and made available to you a few weeks after the conference has concluded, for the rest of 2021. We hope our conference can be a valuable resource for you and your ministry.

View videos from our 2020 Online Conference:

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