Attend online with a group from your church or Presbytery!

Here are some “How-To’s” for getting a group together

and facilitating a meaningful and rewarding online conference experience.

First, invite some folks to a no-commitment Information Session:


This is a no-commitment chance for you to share your enthusiasm about all the conference offers, and help people join in forming a vision for how participation could nurture them and your church.


Be sure to share the dates of the conference (June 27 - July 2) and information about how to register.

Create and share a schedule of times for your group to connect over the week:


For Zoom OR in person gatherings at your church, consider this model:

“Morning Coffees”

Convene your group each morning before the broadcast begins.


This can be an informal time to enjoy being together and share a few highlights of what is ahead in that day’s schedule.

“Worship Together”

Emphasize the togetherness of worship.


Consider having a participant lead a short, welcoming devotional on zoom or in person for your group before each service.

Open Bible.jpg

“Evening Campfires”

Gather each evening of the conference with the peace and satisfaction of a day done, and share favorite parts of the day with each other.


If you’re on Zoom, it’s fun to set the scene with a background photo of a campfire. If you’re in person, consider having a real campfire, or simply a circled gathering, each night. Consider singing a simple song together or joining in an end of day prayer that allows each person to participate.

Questions & Answers

I’m intrigued, but I feel unsure about whether this will work. Is there anyone I can speak to about setting up my group?


Yes! Two people:


Will Breytspraak, at Village Presbyterian in Prairie Village, KS, brought a group of ten virtually last summer, and would be happy to speak with you. Make contact on email to ask questions or set up a time to talk on the phone:


Kaitlyn Davros, at Sardis Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC, is expert on all of the offerings of the conference, and can be helpful around how, in particular, to involve your online groups. Make contact on email to ask questions or set up a time to talk on the phone:



What kinds of groups would enjoy this?


A Worship & Music Committee - the enrichment of this conference will energize your planning and leadership for the year ahead.


Directors and members of your choirs and/or instrumental groups - you’ll have people asking, “can we sing/play that this year!”


Staff Members - Pastors, Church Musicians - Church staff leadership will grow in relationship, while gaining practical tools and inspiration to face the ongoing leadership challenges of the pandemic.