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Mo-Ranch/PAM Worship & Music
Let all the peoples praise you!
Mo-Ranch/PAM Conference
June 18–23, 2017




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Posting Organization
Person to Contact:
EXPIRED - Linda Cogbill - 9/30/2014
Church Name:
First Presbyterian Church
Church Address 1:
516 Pecan Street
Church Address 2:
AR Zip: 71854  
Church Phone Number: (870) 774-6453

Contact Phone Number:
(if different)

(870) 772-0795
Fax number:
(870) 773-4199
Web address:
E-mail address
Application deadline (date):
Position to be filled by (date):
All jobs are posted for four months unless we are notified that the position has been filled or to extend the posting.
Position Description
1. Part Time
2. Position Title : Director of Music/Organist
3. Degree requirements: Bachelor of Arts/Organ Performance
4. Experience requirements: 3-5 Years
5. Usual number of Sunday services: 1 per week
  Number of other weekly services: per week
  Number of annual occasional services: 17 per year
6. Usual total number of weekly rehearsals this musician will be directly involved
with: 2 per week
7. Choirs and ensembles: (How many choirs of each type the church has now.)
  Adult : 1     Youth :      Chldren's :      Handbell : 1  
  Others: Youth and Children are a possibility in the future.
  Please list which choirs/ensembles the person in this position will be expected to
direct/accompany personally:

Adult Chancel Choir
8. Please list other paid and volunteer musicians on the staff (e.g., soloists, accompanists, directors):


1. Estimated number of hours per week (average) required for this position: 19-24
2. Salary range $ 18,345 - $27,485
3. Benefits:
Major Medical Insurance Retirement/Pension Plan
Disability insurance Unemployment
Sick leave Paid vacation weeks
Housing allowance Parental leave
Car/Travel allowance Continuing education funding
Study/Professional leave Book/Music allowance
Other benefits:
Church Information
1. Number of members: 260
2. Average worship attendance: 100
3. Total church budget: $ 444,046.00
4. Organ(s) Builder : Casavant Freres
Date : 06/2000
  Number of manuals (keyboards) : 3
Number of ranks: 38

Other instruments: Pianos        Handbells         Orff

  Other: Tower Bells
6. Music budget (not to include staff salary package): $ 8,800.00
7. Please write a very brief statement concerning the congregation's expectations regarding worship and music.
  The primary expectation is for Sunday morning worship and Adult Chancel Choir Rehearsal. Recently we have identified a high expectation of music for our youth and children. The position would include oversight for this, but not necessarily direct involvement. The same holds true for our Adult Handbell Choir. A team leadership approach is expected from all church staff.
8. Comments or additional information:


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