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The PAM online job list is designed to connect churches and musicians. Any current Instituional Member can submit a job listing. This list is geared for jobs of a musical nature, and not for general church jobs. If you church is not a current Institutional Member of PAM, but would like to post a listing, submit your listing and the confirmation page leads you to the online membership form.

Sometimes the list is updated several times a day, and sometimes it may only be updated once every week. The frequency of updating is determined by other responsibilities of the PAM National Office. If you are in the market for a new job, we recommend visiting the list often.

To get a better understanding of a healthy relationship between church and musician, and to learn more about the process of hiring church musicians, read Guildelines for the Employment of Church Musicians in Presbyterian Churches. This is available online and in booklet form from our resources page in our Professional Concerns website area. This booklet also includes the Code of Ethics for members of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians. Both of these resources can be found in the buttons above.

If you are an institution trying to decide whether you should list your musician job on our site, here is a statistic to remember. Our "Current Job Listings" page is viewed over 5,000 times each month, with a few months almost reaching 6,000 times. This list is focused on reaching high caliber key individuals with excellent opportunities. It is here to help the institutions and the musicians.


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