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Montreat Worship & Music Conference 2007

Children's Music

Dear Montreat Children’s Choir singers, parents, and group leaders:
We are so glad that you will be attending the 2007 Montreat Conferences on Worship and Music. The Conference theme this year is From Passion through Ascension: Forming the Household of God through Sacrament and Story. The worship services during the week will take us on a journey with Jesus - from Palm Sunday through Ascension. We will experience:
     Palm Sunday
     Maundy Thursday
     Good Friday
     Holy Saturday
     Paschal Vigil
     Second Sunday of Easter
     Ascension Sunday

The conference leadership has asked us to create, in consultation with the conference Liturgy Team, an audio Children’s Guide to Worship to enrich your understanding of these worship experiences. The audio guide is now available below.
Download the Audio Guide Outline

 Download the PDF version of the Audio Guide Outline
Click here to download the
PDF version of the
Audio Guide Outline
(392 KB)

Download the Word version of the Audio Guide Outline
Click here to download
the Word version of the
Audio Guide Outline
(868 KB)

Audio Downloads to Enjoy and Learn

Click on the audio tracks below to listen to them. Right Mouse Button Click (Ctrl-Click for Mac) on them to select "Save Target As" in order to save them to your computer.

Then you can play them on your iPod, burn them to a CD, or listen to them over and over again on your computer. The files range in size from 500kb to 5mb, so some time will be necessary for each download. For this reason we recommend saving each one to your computer so that you only have to transfer them once.

Voice Track 1.mp3 Voice Track 1 Introduction.mp3
Voice Track 2.mp3 Voice Track 2 Palm Sunday.mp3
Voice Track 3.mp3 Voice Track 3 Maundy Thursday.mp3
Voice Track 4.mp3 Voice Track 4 Good Friday.mp3
Voice Track 5.mp3 Voice Track 5 Holy Saturday.mp3
Voice Track 6.mp3 Voice Track 6 Paschal Vigil part 1.mp3
Voice Track 7.mp3 Voice Track 7 Paschal Vigil part 2.mp3
Voice Track 8.mp3 Voice Track 8 Second Sunday of Easter.mp3
Voice Track 9.mp3 Voice Track 9 Ascension.mp3
Download Music Track 10 Music Track 10 All Glory.mp3
Download Music Track 11 Music Track 11 Ride On.mp3
Download Music Track 12 Music Track 12 An Upper Room.mp3
Download Music Track 13 Music Track 13 Jesus Remember.mp3
Download Music Track 14 Music Track 14 When I Survey.mp3
Download Music Track 15 Music Track 15 Oh Sacred Head.mp3
Download Music Track 16 Music Track 16 Sing My Tongue.mp3
Download Music Track 17 Music Track 17 Jesus Christ is Risen.mp3
Download Music Track 18 Music Track 18 You Have Put on Christ.mp3
Download Music Track 19 Music Track 19 Alleluia Alleluia.mp3
Download Music Track 20 Music Track 20 Christ Has Arisen.mp3
Download Music Track 21 Music Track 21 Go and Tell.mp3
Download Music Track 22 Music Track 22 Thine is the Glory.mp3
Download Music Track 23 Music Track 23 Sanctus.mp3
Download Music Track 24 Music Track 24 Memorial Acclamation.mp3
Download Music Track 25 Music Track 25 Resucito.mp3




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